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Service - Construction Storm Water

Looking for Industrial Storm Water?

Capitol Environmental can assist with the development and implementation of your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3). We develop plans in a timely manner and will also manage your storm water inspection program to ensure that your construction projects are always in compliance. Our clients include engineers, land developers, general contractors, pipeline contractors, custom home builders, and some of the nation's largest production homebuilders.

Capitol Environmental has gone through the SWP3 review process with many municipalities across Texas as well as the TCEQ's Edwards Aquifer Program and the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Including us in plan development can limit the review and approval process timeframe.

Capitol Environmental conducts site inspections on many projects throughout the state. Our qualified inspectors keep in constant communication with the site managers and distribute inspection reports in a timely manner following each inspection. Our inspectors are always available to you and your staff for storm water questions.

Capitol Environmental Sign Capitol Environmental will also ensure that your proper postings are available and visible at the site. Our posting sign is checked during each inspection and missing paperwork is replaced in a timely manner to keep you in compliance.


Our years of TCEQ experience allows us to protect you in a way which no other provider can offer. We stay in close contact with the Commission and are always on the leading edge of the latest changes and interpretations of the storm water regulations. We currently work with close to 200 developers, contractors, and home builders by managing their storm water program.

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